About MHO

Mountain Housing Opportunities is a private, non-profit community development corporation, whose mission is to build and improve homes, neighborhoods, communities, and lives, and to build hope and dignity in the people we serve.

From the beginning, we started with a very simple but very important idea: safe homes in a good neighborhood are essential not only to the family who lives there, but also to the health and well-being of the entire community. Now, 30 years later and with all of your generous help, more than 5,000 families and over 10,000 people have saved or found their home through Mountain Housing Opportunities.

Today, we continue to serve our community through various programs that aim to create safe, attractive, and affordable housing for our area’s citizens.

Photo of MHO’s Eagle Market Place apartments at dusk.
Group of MHO staff and community leaders cut the ceremonial ribbon at Eagle Market Place.
A group of MHO volunteers smile as they build.

Help us make a difference in your community!

You don’t have to take on all of the problems in the community to solve them, but you can make a difference in your own neighborhood. You can help people in your own backyard. All you have to do is lend a hand to someone, not write a big check! They may be down the street or across town, and their needs could be as small as needing to patch up a wall or mow their lawn! Any effort counts towards making the whole community a healthier, happier place.

Please donate today to help more of our neighbors in need. We will put your contribution to work right away in the community to save and improve homes and lives.

About East Haven

The East Haven community is a 4 story, multi-unit complex offering convenient and easy access to the Asheville Transit bus system, retail and shopping, and it’s only minutes from the Veteran’s Hospital and the greater downtown Asheville area. The complex was intentionally designed to support family housing as well as veterans and special needs residents by offering 1, 2, and 3 bedroom options. Centered around a beautiful green space courtyard complete with playground facilities and picnic areas, the units provide affordable accommodations that ensure the diverse socioeconomic needs of the region are met.

A shot of the East Haven lobby.
A furnished bedroom at East Haven.
The East Haven sign welcomes guests into the lobby.

For years, the community of Swannanoa depended on the Beacon Blanket manufacturing facility for its livelihood. The whole town was built to support the workers of this Valley staple, including housing, grocery stores, barbers, and even a doctor’s office. Upon the closure and pursuant fire that destroyed the plant, Swannanoa struggled to re-establish its identity while still retaining affordable housing for its typically working-class citizens. Built on the same site as the Beacon doctor’s office, the creation of the East Haven community provides income-based housing that fosters continued support for legacy residents of Swannanoa as well as new families establishing themselves in the Valley.

Children play on the East Haven playground.
A large, furnished East Haven bathroom.

That’s where East Haven comes in…

This homecoming celebration is not just a step towards placemaking for the residents of Swannanoa. It’s a catalyst for continued economic growth for the area. The East Haven community is the first development that was approved under Buncombe County’s Community-Oriented Development program, an initiative of the County Planning Department that incentivizes denser development of well-located, affordable homes. With its 95 affordable and energy efficient apartments, the East Haven community will create a place for families to contribute to the long term vibrancy of the former mill town of Swannanoa. These efforts serve the overall county planning goal to develop resilient communities based around city centers that provide safe housing, promote a suitable living environment, and expand economic opportunities—principally for low- and moderate-income persons. With additional efforts facilitated by the East Haven development, the creation of pedestrian walkways, intentional greenspaces, and land beautification efforts will continue to attract more residents to the area.

A Virtual Celebration From Your Own Home

Join us on November 18 for this connect-from-your-couch event.